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Optical coating technologies from American optics


Anti-reflective coating optics

Anti-reflective lenses are manufactured using a unique interlayer that can filter out light rays, leaving only a yellow sector that is safe for the eyes. Such optics completely absorb blue streams — they are the ones that cause the greatest harm to the visual apparatus.High-quality anti reflective coating optics completely removes the reflection of light rays. It is important to choose not only the correct composition but also to calculate the thickness of the spraying.Anti-glare glasses with diopters cut off glare due to the interference of light — this is the name of the meeting of waves of the same frequency, as a result of which they cancel each other out. In the case of anti-reflective coating on glasses, light is reflected both from the outside of the coating and from the one that is directly adjacent to the lenses.

Optical coating technologies

The introduction of optical devices and research methods in various the field of science and technology leads to the need to create multilayer dielectric, metal-dielectric systems not only with expanding requirements for their properties but also possible combination. These are primarily optical, physical, and mechanical, chemical, and other properties. Of the optical properties, mention should be made of continuously expanding the spectral range of the devices, stricter requirements for radiation resistance and strength of coatings, the combination of the possibility of reflection (transmission), and the formation of a wavefront of reflected (transmitted) radiation.In some cases, it is required the operation of the coating with converging or diverging beams, i.e. requirements for their polarization properties are becoming more stringent. therefore it is reasonable to consider certain types of coatings: antireflection, (antireflection), specular, light and spectrum splitting, filtering, and polarizing. A special challenge related to optical coating technologies is the deposition of coatings on unstable glasses, crystals, and polymers.

American optics

At the moment, the largest manufacturers of optical equipment for various fields are located in America, be it optical lenses, mirrors, prisms, equipment using dielectric spraying, accessories for lasers, and so on. Among American optics manufacturers, Alpine Research Optics is also one of the leading manufacturers in the optics market at the moment, providing only the highest quality products with the possibility of custom parameters and much more. There are also Edmund Optics, American Optical, and many other major manufacturers on the market. In general, it is the American manufacturers who currently occupy the leading positions in the field of optical technologies on a par with Germany and Great Britain.


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